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How we do it

Business analysis
We take great care when studying our customer’s business, in order to deeply understand their needs and have all the necessary information when designing and building their software. We invest a lot of energy in this phase so that we are sure we are building the right product on time and on budget.
Agile development life cycle
The overall goal of Agile methods is to adapt to change and deliver working software as quickly as possible. We are certified agile practitioners and work towards the continuous improvement of our processes in order to deliver high quality products as fast as possible.
Continuous feedback loop
We include our customers in a continuous feedback loop that consists of 4 phases: planning, implementation, assessment and modification. In this manner we manage to offer our customers fast and reliable feedback about the product we build for them. We also integrate feedback received in the product in development and by doing so we meet and even exceed expectations.

Our Solutions


As the creators of HR Manager Pro we have experience in building complex recruitment software. Cloud recruitment, mobile applicant engagement and SaaS applicant tracking solutions are part of our portfolio.


We offer a range of e-commerce solutions, from standard commerce CMS systems to mobile shops, whether it is custom solutions or based on domain specific frameworks.

Resource Planning

Business management software is taking a central part in the way organizations work. We build solutions in order to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities.

Workforce management

We build payroll and benefits systems, time and attendance systems, and performance management software. We work together with consultants in these areas to include the latest trends and legal changes.

Enterprise services integration

Supply chain management, ERP, CRM, BI and payroll applications integration solutions for improving information sharing and communication withing the organization.


Business inteligence and reporting tools BIRT help in the visualization of business performance and decision taking. We have built desktop, web and mobile BIRT systems